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Wunderkey Classic Red


Torn pockets, the annoying jingling and the search for the right key are a thing of the past with Wunderkey. Timeless design, the best materials and maximum functionality make the Wunderkey your new favorite accessory. In a Wunderkey, your keys are organized in the tightest space possible and can be folded out when they are needed, comparable to a pocket knife. In addition, the Wunderkey can be equipped with useful add-ons such as a multitool, a USB 3.0 stick, a shopping-cart solver or a key ring to attach the car key.

In the Classic version, the Wunderkey is a perfect companion for the global citizen and prepares you for every challenge in the urban jungle . No matter what lifestyle you live, the Wunderkey Classic lives it with you.

The Wunderkey Classic is made of anodized aluminum with aviation approval and screw elements made of high quality stainless steel. Rounded edges and polished surfaces make the Wunderkey Classic a real flatterer for your hands and your new favorite everyday companion.

  • Size: 2-8 keys (expandable to up to 16 keys with extension set)
  • Can be customized with Add-ons (e.g. multitool or USB stick)
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces made of anodized aluminum
  • Easy assembly (without tools)
  • 100% Made in Germany

Time to put things in order.

Turn your keychain into an elegant accessory that you like to carry with you every day.

100% Made in Germany.

The Wunderkey is 100% made in Germany. The individual components are manufactured in factories and workshops that are specialized for the respective tasks. The Wunderkeys are finally assembled in a local workshop for adapted work in our home town of Blieskastel.