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In 2019, almost the whole world spoke about a small woman from Japan and her somewhat unusual series on Netflix. Because Marie Kondo is not talking about the usual trend topics such as travel or street food. No. She has completely committed her life to organizing and tries to show the audience how they can bring more joy into their life through more organized cleaning up. Marie Kondo not only inspired the audience on Netflix, but also the whole team at Wunderkey.
A few decades ago, German quality products did not have to worry about foreign competitors. However, the increasing globalization of many markets is increasingly bringing foreign competitors on the map and exposing customers to an almost endless range of foreign products. Even for the smallest and most special products, the alternatives now seem unlimited. Customers are just one click away from buying a product on the other side of the world. What was the exception back then is now a reality. At Wunderkey we asked ourselves how much the label “Made in Germany” is actually still worth - and we came to a hopeful result.
This blog entry gives you exciting insights into the world of limited editions and explains why we attach particular importance to the exclusivity of our products at Wunderkey.

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