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Lufthansa Special Edition – Wunderkey Carbon Air

When every gram counts

The Lufthansa fleet covers 181,000,000 km every year. That's an incredible 4,525 times around the world. With these numbers it quickly becomes clear why every gram of weight counts when designing aircrafts. That is why aircrafts nowadays consist of large parts made of fiber composite materials. For the construction of our Wunderkey Special Edition for Lufthansa it quickly became clear on which material the choice would fall on. Carbon.

Wunderkey Carbon Air

Carbon is a carbon-based fiber composite and is used wherever the low weight and high rigidity justify the higher costs. The material is characterized by extremely high rigidity combined with minimal weight. Ideal conditions for the use as a basic material for the Lufthansa Special-Edition Wunderkey

100% Made in Germany

Like all other Wunderkeys, the Wunderkey Carbon Air is 100% made in Germany. A velvety and matt carbon is used, which gives a very elegant appearance to the Wunderkey. The Wunderkey is refined with a smooth rounded cut of the edges, which makes the Wunderkey a real flatterer for the hand.

374 times on board and 8 times on the ground

The Special Edition Wunderkey Carbon Air is available exclusively in all 285 Lufthansa and SWISS Air aircraft on board and in the world shops of the largest German airports. We always wish you good flights and happy landings! #nonstopyou

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