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Wunderkey Healthkey

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Protect yourself and your loved ones from a corona infection: with the Healthkey. With the hygienic door opener and stylus, you can easily and effectively avoid contact with possible sources of infection such as door handles, elevators, ATMs, PIN pads or handles in public transport.

The Healthkey is made of antimicrobial brass with over 60% copper content and thus mitigates the groeth of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi.

In addition, the Healthkey is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic gloves made of latex, but also a lot more kind to the skin and less expensive than an excessive use of disinfectants.

You too can help fight the pandemic!

Instructions for use

In order to fully preserve the important antimicrobial effect of the copper alloy, we decided to no coat the Healthkey. Due to the natural form of the brass, a so-called patina can build on the Healthkey, especially if it is used a lot. A patina is a layer on the surface caused by chemical or corrosive reactions. This layer is by no means harmful or bad. A slight patina can be easily removed by rinsing the Healthkey with water.

Safety notice and appeal to our customers

Despite the containment effect of copper on the grwoth and survival of viruses, we ask you to continue to observe the necessary hygiene measures. Users should continue to follow all current infection control recommendations, including cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and washing their hands regularly. A copper alloy can reduce microbial contamination, but does not fundamentally prevent a possible infection.